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Mr. Kamal manages complex litigation cases in both federal and state courts. He prosecutes federal civil rights and personal injury cases and defends criminal matters. Mr. Kamal engages in all facets of the litigations, from pleadings, discovery, and motion practice to trial. Mr. Kamal prides himself on zealously representing and aggressively litigating his clients’ claims.


Currently, Mr. Kamal represents the Plaintiff’s estate in a high profile wrongful death action against the Blue Island Park District and its’ president in Salgado v. Blue Island Park District, et al.  There, the Plaintiff drowned at a public pool late at night, while the President, security guard, lifeguard, other political officials and police officers were present and drinking alcoho.  This case garnered much public interest, including front page coverage in the Chicago Tribune.


In another case, Mr. Kamal represents an individual who was beaten by Cook County Deputies in a jail cell after his arms and legs were handcuffed. The main culprit lost his job as a deputy and has criminal charges pending against him. The incident was captured on video tape. Mr. Kamal filed the federal lawsuit and a protective order in order to obtain the video tape before it was potentially destroyed or recorded over. Olyan v. Cook County Sheriff, et al.


Mr. Kamal was also responsible for having a DUI conviction overturned. The client sought the help of the Blake Horwitz Law Firm, after being found guilty of DUI when represented by another law firm. Mr. Kamal successfully persuaded the judge who originally found the Client guilty of DUI to overrule himself and vacate his original ruling. Mr. Kamal argued that the admissibility of the test results from the breathalyzer machine was improperly admitted into evidence at trial. This is just one example of Mr. Kamal’s zealous representation and creative legal aptitude to obtain the best results for his clients. People v. Lamas


In addition to litigation, Mr. Kamal helps start-up and small businesses from internet to medical companies by utilizing his business and legal background. Mr. Kamal has drafted service, employment, termination and agency contracts as well as non-compete and operating agreements.


Mr. Kamal graduated from the University of Akron School of Law in 2008. He had the opportunity to clerk for the Honorable Judge Kathryn Michael. At the clerkship, Mr. Kamal extensively researched complex issues and wrote numerous memorandums and orders. He conducted pre-trial and settlement conferences as well as manage the Court’s civil cases and docket.


Mr. Kamal obtained his bachelor’s degree in Finance and International Business from the University of Cincinnati in 2001. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, he also obtained his MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Kamal is licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois since 2009 and was admitted to the General Bar for the Northern District of Illinois (Federal Court) in 2010.

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